Metal Roofing - Stone Coated Steel Roof

Roofing of home when done in steel has a lasting quality as steel is non-corrosive in nature. In addition to this there are many more benefits of metal roofs. Read on below . . .

  • FIRE The interlocking panels and innovative fastening system reduce the threat of wind blown embers reaching the roof deck below. Metal Roof comes with a UL790 Class "A" Fire rating.
  • HAIL 2.5" hail warranty and is UL 2218 Class 4 rated.
  • WIND 120mp wind warranty. Metal Roofs have withstood wind tests of 170 mph with no damage.
  • EARTHQUAKE Superior features reduces the threat of roof collapse. When the McMullen Company surveyed the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake they found only minor damage to 1% of homes protected by stone-coated metal roofing. In contrast, more than 50% of the homes with concrete and clay roofs had significant damage.
  • WEATHERING The stone-coated metal panels will not split, crack, break, curl, wrap or absorb water. The stone granules are UV-reflective and provide protection against the elements.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT At only 1.4 lbs per square foot, structures do not need re-engineering to accomodate the Metal roofing system.
  • ENVIRONMENT Is 100% recyclable with over a 30% recycled steel content. Rest assured NexGen Construction is doing their part to conserve our natural resources.
  • INSURANCE DISCOUNTS In many areas where weather damage is prevalent, insurance companies offer substantial premium reductions to homeowners with a metal roof.
  • APPEARANCE metal roofs have the premium curb appeal discriminating homeowners are seeking.
  • RESALE According to the Residential Cost Handbook, home values increase $1.35/sq. ft with metal roofs vs. wood shake or asphalt composition.
  • Reduce Your ENERGY BILLS - Save on Heating and Cooling
  • MAINTENACNE Virtually maintenance free.

Metal Roof Benefits

  • Wind Proof Guaranteed to 120 mph
  • Hail Proof Guaranteed to 2.5 inches
  • Fire Proof Will not Burn
  • Eliminates Poroblems caused by Asphalt
  • Federal Tax Credit Eligible

Metal Roof Tax Credit

metal roof energy credit

Receive Upto $500 Tax Credit by purchasing and installing ENERGY STAR® Metal Roof from 1/1/2011-12/31/2011.

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